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SphinX : Ostomy management device

Categories for Innovation

  1. Cancer Aftercare
  2. Gastro- intestinal Care


Ostomy Management Appliance (SphinX). A novel ostomy management system that helps patient regain control over their evacuations and improves overall quality of life.

Need Background

Millions of people worldwide need to undergo intestinal surgery to treat gastrointestinal conditions like colorectal cancer, Ulcerative Colitis, etc. These surgeries result in a procedure called ostomy in which the intestine is cut and the end is brought out through an opening in the abdomen called a stoma. In this procedure, Stools come out through this stoma instead of the natural orifice and the patient has to constantly wear an adhesive pouch/bag hanging from their abdomen to collect the feces. None of the products in the market currently address the issues related to continence and the effort required in managing the stoma. Instead, the conventional base plate and pouch system leads to further problems like skin excoriation, dermatitis, and intense pain.


SphinX is a soft, pliable device that is inserted into the stoma and remains there for an extended period. It is designed to ensure no leakage of stool. It is very easy to use and its discreet profile gives the patient full control over evacuation of his/her bowel. Ostomates can now resume a normal active life and allow them to go about their daily routine with confidence and freedom, thanks to SphinX. This innovative product will significantly improve the quality of life of ostomates worldwide.

Key Features

Crimson Stoma Cap is intended for left colostomates. The device can simply be attached to a base plate/wafer and can be replaced every 15 days or earlier. The novel stoma cap allows to live a life without constantly wearing a pouch and also help perform things in your life which otherwise were so difficult to imagine such as participating in sports like swimming, cricket, skiing, hiking, tennis and the list goes on..

It also helps bring back confidence, you can mingle with anyone, go on a date or social gatherings, enjoy your intimate moments like never before.



A novel ostomy management system that helps patients regain control over their evacuations and improves overall quality of life.


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