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MorphX : Re-imagining diagnostics using AI

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Re-imagining Diagnostics Using Artificial Intelligence On Blood Data.

Need Background

Examination of peripheral blood slides by light microscopy remains one of the major labor-intensive procedures in the haematology laboratory, requiring a highly trained staff. In addition, manual differential counts remain subject to significant statistical variance. Cytological and histological assessment of human tissues has emerged as a key challenge for detection and treatment of multiple clinical conditions, including cancer. The global cancer burden is on the rise, the number of pathologists is shrinking, and many laboratories are unprepared for the pressures ahead. These challenges are  amplified by the sobering fact that pathology is still a mostly subjective field. Very often, the prepared histopathological slides are transported to different pathologists in nearby cities to get a second opinion and provide a more reliable diagnosis to the patient. The mismatch between demand and supply of experts, especially in the Indian setting and the rural context, has led to suboptimal quality and turn around times for these analyses.


MorphX works at the cross-section of cutting edge technology, it uses Precision Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Microfluidics and Multispectral Imaging in order to give morphological analysis at cellular level.

Salient Features
  • Painless- Using Just 2 drops of blood from a finger prick.
  • Point of Care- No Skilled Lab Technician Required.
  • Plug and Play- Maintenance and Reagent free device (Point of Care) and can be placed and used in the remotest place in India.
  • Visual Evidence – Now blood count is not just a number, we also provide a visual evidence for the report, making doctors more confident in diagnosing the patient.


Re-imagining Diagnostics Using Artificial Intelligence On Blood Data.

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