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LIMO : Limb immobilization device


“HiCARE LIMO” – a simple and cost-effective limb immobilization device that can temporarily immobilizing injured limbs of trauma patients for pre-hospital care.


HiCARE LIMO comprises a leg splint made up of sturdy cardboard with multiple creases for better encapsulation of different leg girth sizes, a hip support section, and multiple belts for immobilizing joints at different locations. It is a single, free-size device for limbs with an effective wrapping effect and its unique strapping mechanism stabilizes a limb for 6 hours. It is designed to address the unmet Indian clinical need and unlike metal splints, it does not interfere with imaging tests like CT scan, X-ray, and MRI.


A better way to temporarily immobilize injured lower limbs in trauma patients before they receive definitive care.


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