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Qora : Incontinence management device


A better way to manage fecal incontinence in non-ambulatory patients that improves clinical outcomes and reduces operationg cost. Consure Medical, the only company with complete portfolio of active incontinence management products


Qora Stool Management Kit:

Qora Stool Management Kit reimagines fecal incontinence management in non-ambulatory patients within institutional settings. The first non-balloon stool management kit has revolutionized management of fecal incontinence using a hygienic applicator and pliable collector to divert feces away from the patient body. This prevented constant exposure of fecal effluents with patient’s skin and significantly reduces the risk of infection. The self-expanding lattice deploys above the dentate line. The pliable lattice conforms the anatomy, moves with peristalsis, and works even on atonic sphincter patients and those with semi-formed stool.

Salient Features:

  • Novel, low-profile design avoids constant strain on sphincters
  • Designed to manage patients with both tonic and atonic sphincter, providing 3X patient eligibility
  • 7X – 7.6X larger cross sectional lumen area, reduces risk of device expulsion and peripheral leakage
  • 83% lower insertion force, and 49% lower withdrawal force than IBCs
  • Specialty engineered polymers provide 100% containment of foul odor
  • Improves HAC/HAI by over 50%. Potential direct and in-direct savings of $20 – 300k. More than 50,000 nurses trained
  • Clinically acclaimed SMK with most comprehensive clinical evidence of any product in this category. 5+ Clinical Papers. 10+ Clinical Posters
  • 76% reduction in IAD
  • 42% mobilization to cardiac chair
  • 41% lower resource, hospital labor and cost

New Innovation and Company Global Expansion

Consure Medical is rapidly expanding its footprint across various geographies, intellectual property, and clinical expertise. With recent launch(es) of new and innovative automated technology, Consure has become one of the first companies with a full portfolio of incontinence management products.

  • On Contract with major GPOs under bowel management category – Vizient, Premier, HPG. Provides access to 5000+ Hospitals in USA.
  • Now available contracts with marquee distribution partners – Medline Inc., Cardinal Health, Owens & Minor and others.
  • Regulatory clearance – US FDA, CE Certificate, Latin America, MENA, India.
  • 20+ patents family. Core patents granted on all major geographies


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