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Ozyn-D : Intraosseous access device

Need Background

During medical emergencies, establishing access to circulation is critical. In patients with sudden cardiac arrest, trauma, dehydration, obstetric and paediatric emergencies, due to low blood volume and pressure lead to vein collapse. Precious time is lost in trying to gain peripheral IV access during the “golden period” of patient care. This leads to considerable morbidity and mortality.


The novel Ozyn-D intraosseous IO device gains access to circulation through long bones in medical emergencies. The fluids and medications can be infused in less than 10seconds.

Salient Features

  • Access to circulation in less than 10 seconds in all medical emergencies
  • Single use pre-sterile device ready to use at point-of-care
  • Deployable in resource constrained settings
  • Approved CE Mark for Ozyn-DTM
  • CDSCO certification completed
  • Manufacturing readiness


In process of bedside deployment.



To gain quick access to circulation in clinical emergencies


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