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Innochi Care : Wound healing device


A way to accelerate wound healing in order to reduce associated morbidity and mortality.

Need Background

Non-healing wounds Chronic wounds including Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Pressure ulcers and Trauma Wounds are exhausting for the affected individuals and place a massive financial burden on the health care systems. With the growing prevalence of diseases like diabetes, chronic wounds associated with these diseases are on the rise and there is high cost burden on the healthcare system. Every 30 seconds, lower limb or a part of lower limb is lost to amputation somewhere in the world as a consequence of diabetic foot ulcer. Delayed healing of chronic wounds causes complications like pain, septicaemia, infections, and amputations leading to lifelong disability.


Our multitherapeutic wound healing technology creates and maintains the optimum healing environment at the wound site that stimulates the biological responses, leading to faster wound healing. Our innovative system consists of an electronic medical device along with a specially designed patch to deliver multifold therapeutic effect. It maintains optimum pressure, temperature, oxygen, and moisture levels at the wound site and also facilitates exudates removal and infection control. It relieves overcrowded hospitals and economically benefits patients and their families without compromising safety and quality of care delivered.

Salient Features

  1. Multiple therapy modules
  2. Portable and Light Weight
  3. Battery operated
  4. On screen therapy details
  5. Audio-visual alarms


InoHeal Wound Healing Technology


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